12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Facebook

Facebook was much easier to understand and use a few years ago. Managing the growing sea of ​​functions can be overwhelming, but there are always ways to make the social network more suited to your liking.These are 12 tips and ideas:

  1. Reduce notifications

You cannot get rid of all notifications on the Facebook website, but you can disable many. Enter Settings and click Notifications. There you can adjust what alerts you want to receive on your computer and on your phone.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not let you disable email notifications in Settings. You have to click on “Unsubscribe” for each type of notice until you stop receiving it. To suspend the alerts of a group or a page, you have to enter each page and select “Disabled” in each one. You can also click on I don’t like it or on Hide on the page.

  1. Disable automatic video playback

With the automatic playback of videos, you could end up downloading a little more data than you would like, plus you run the risk of seeing something you might not want to see. To disable automatic site playback on a desktop computer, go to the Videos section at the bottom of Settings. Change the rule from Default to Disabled.

In the mobile application, touch the three horizontal and low stripes icon. Then, select Settings and select Autoplay videos to choose an option.

  1. Save things to read or see later

Publications in the News section have the option to save for later. Click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of a post and choose Save video or link. To see everything you’ve accumulated, click on the Save button on the side of your Facebook homepage.

  1. Tell people how your name is pronounced

In the Information section of your profile, click information about yourself. There you will select an audio pronunciation key.

  1. Find out if someone has blocked you

Facebook does not notify you (and may never do so) if you have been blocked, but you do not have to use external applications or extensions to know. These are some clues:

  • The publications you share in the chronology of the other disappear. They reappear when the blockage is removed.
  • The chat history remains intact, but new messages are not sent.
  • When you click on the name in a chat window or in an old notification, you receive the following message: “It is likely that the link you followed has expired or that the page is only visible to an audience you do not belong to.”
  • Once you unlock someone, you have to resubmit a friend request.
  1. Block invitations to Candy Crush and other applications

In addition to blocking people separately, Facebook also allows you to block invitations from applications, pages and events. If you add a friend’s name in the Block app invitations feature, you’ll never see a Candy Crush request from that person again.

  1. Find things you shared or commented on

Search your Activity Log for the keywords of a post or the caption of a photo. On the desktop site, click the drop-down menu (triangle with the tip down) at the top of the page and select Activity Log. Use the Activity Search field in the upper right corner.

  1. Find out who could see the things you like and your comments in the News section

If your friend shares something on Facebook, decide what the privacy settings of that article will be. When you like or comment, anyone who enters this privacy setting can see that action in their News section or in the Instant Information section.

Let’s say a friend posts a group photo. Tag the 20 members and select Friends of Friends in the privacy section. If you comment on the photo or like, all your friends and friends of your friends can see your comment.

So if you doubt that your name and your activity on Facebook are visible to people, you don’t know, select the privacy option for each post before you interact.

  1. Reduce the space that Facebook uses on your phone

The Facebook mobile application weighs more than 96MB. It can weigh hundreds and hundreds of megabytes, particularly if you also browse the internet a lot within the application. That’s because Facebook temporarily stores on your phone the photos you see in your News section and the data on a web page so that everything loads faster.

To clear the cache memory on iPhones, you have to delete the Facebook application and reinstall it. On Android, you can clear the cache of an application by simply clicking on the application icon, dragging it to Application Information and selecting Clear Cache. You can also use the mobile web version of Facebook instead of the application.

  1. Choose what news you want to see first

In the middle of this year, Facebook presented the “See first” feature, which allows you to choose your favourite people and see the news about their life first. Just pass over your friend’s name, then click on Follow and select View first.

  1. Disconnect from Facebook on another computer

Enter Settings and select Security. In the Where you signed in section, you will see which devices have been used to enter your Facebook account. Select the End activity option to disconnect on a device.

  1. See all the applications that use your Facebook login

In Settings, select Applications to know which third-party programs have access to your information on Facebook. Remember that applications will never post things on your Facebook page without your permission.

If you decide to approve them, you can limit who can see your posts.…

How To Be Popular On Facebook? Clever Strategies To Get Followers And Likes

Who would have thought that a small digital thumb up blue would become one of the most valuable online currencies? Facebook focuses on likes, so it is no surprise that someone with a Facebook page wants to get more of these.

Why do the “likes” matter on Facebook

So you want to learn how to be popular on Facebook, and you are surely thinking of likes as your metric to define success. You know what? You are not wrong.

Whether we like it or not, likes are a key metric of the health of our pages, but not for the reasons that most people think. A like can be an empty metric, without importance, without a why or a higher objective to be part of the vanity metrics; However, you can also tell us about the interaction of your content. A like can be a tool to measure and optimize the quality of the content you share in your Facebook account.

If you really want to learn how to be popular on Facebook, you are going to have to learn how to use how I like the invaluable tool it relies on.

Pro tip: to measure your level of interaction by publication, we recommend using this formula “(clicks + reactions + No. of times the content was shared + No. of comments) / Total reach.” You can also use this formula to measure the average interaction level of your entire page, you just have to add the total number of interactions and divide it by total No. of people who saw your posts.

Set goals

To learn how to be popular on Facebook, we have to talk about your goals. Set the goals of how many new likes you want to get on Facebook, and it will give you something to measure your progress. This will help you better understand what works or what doesn’t. In addition, it will show you where you should continue to invest your time and resources in your Facebook strategy.

Improve your page

For most people, Facebook will be the first place to find your business online. This means that your Facebook page, in addition to your website, can represent your company’s first impression online for current and potential customers.

Increase the visibility of your page

This is a simple concept that deserves to be repeated: you won’t have much luck in getting more Like or learn how to be popular on Facebook if people can’t find your page. These are some things you can do to increase the visibility of your page.

Create better content

The algorithm that Facebook uses to determine which publication of your page is shown in the news section of the people is designed to show them what they want, and what they don’t want is promotional content disguised as organic content.

According to a survey conducted by Facebook, organic publications that are “very promotional” have one or more of these qualities:

  • They only encourage people to buy a product or install an application.
  • They encourage people to participate in promotions and raffles without any real context.
  • They use the same content of the ads.

Avoiding these features will help you produce content on Facebook that your followers really want to see, and Facebook will help you broadcast it.

Here are more tips for creating better Facebook content.

  • Give people what they want. How do you know what kind of content people want from you on Facebook? Listening to them. If most of the comments on your page are customer service questions, try creating content that focuses on helping them make better use of your products. For example, a short video with “secrets” or alternative uses for your product or a series of videos or tutorial photos. Experiment and pay attention to people’s responses.
  • Post at least one piece of content specific to Facebook per week. Companies that treat Facebook as just an advertising channel, often only post links to their blog and website. While there is nothing wrong with posting that on occasion, the continued promotion of your other channels will not encourage interaction on your Facebook Page (and honestly, it can be very boring). Create specific content for Facebook to increase interaction opportunities and give people a good reason to like your page. For example, create images specifically for Facebook or create a shorter version of a video and upload it to your page. You can include a link for the full version on YouTube or your website in the description.
  • Aspire to share your content. When your Facebook followers share your Facebook posts, it increases your organic reach, giving you a better chance of getting more likes. It also indicates that someone enjoyed your content so much that they felt motivated to share it on their personal networks, putting that information in their name. This makes real Facebook followers share your content as a metric, one of the most valuable and important things on your Facebook Page.

Be sensitive and understanding

If you want to continue with your “How to be popular on Facebook” plan, you better take care of those who have already done so. Seeing comments or unanswered questions on a brand’s Facebook Page for many days, weeks, or even months can be daunting for potential followers. Answer any comments, whether they are in your posts or directly on your page.

Plan monthly campaigns

Plan Facebook campaigns that adapt to your general marketing initiatives or act as independent campaigns. Be proactive when planning these campaigns in advance and assign them to your general content calendar; you will have a provision of content to share that will help you get more likes. Before you plan all your campaigns, make sure they comply with the terms and policies of Facebook promotions.

Use Facebook Ads

On Facebook, computer ads have click rates 8.1 times higher than traditional web ads. In mobile ads, this number increases much more with a click-through rate that is 9.1 times higher. Therefore, one of the most effective ways of how to be popular on Facebook is through their ads.